Park Hill: Who lives right here now? BBC News

Park Hill: Who lives right here now? BBC News

The tremendous concrete estate of Park Hill in Sheffield started existence as a bustling new home for council tenants within the 1960s. The BBC filmed a landmark documentary there in 1965, interviewing the households who had moved out of slum housing to reside within the “streets within the sky”. Nonetheless Park Hill at this time took a turn for the extra severe – it grew to change into notorious for its crime and drug considerations. The Brutalist constructing became once within the damage condemned as a concrete eyesore.
Now, 55 years because it became once constructed, Park Hill is thriving again. Nonetheless who lives there now and the arrangement in which powerful has the build modified?
Video Journalist: Dan Gordon
Producers: Camila Ruz & Susannah Stevens
Researcher: Cebo Luthuli

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